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Mobiqe is an advancing mobile app design and development company situated in Houston, United States of America. Basically, we at Mobiqe are a group of software professionals who indulge efforts in Mobile app development for various mobile platforms. We are proud to say that we are one of the most chosen companies in the USA for mobile app design and development. When it comes to App Development Houston, the businessmen in the USA talk of us. No matter what kind of mobile app you want, no matter what platform you want it to be built on, we can develop it for our customers.

Iphone Application Development

Our team of app developers is very well-versed with the latest technologies and the terminologies of an app development process which makes us experts in what we do.

Well, the importance of app design and development in the digital world only makes our business worthy; therefore, it is important to recognize the trend of app development first. The world is digital, the businesses are getting online presence that too higher than the offline market. The offline business market is losing its grip as online businesses are taking over space. Therefore, products and services are getting online or at least the order for the services is on phones. Customers are also demanding doorstep services, at the comfort of their couches and that is what makes mobile app development a trend these days. Everything and anything that you may need is available at your doorstep, just a couple of clicks away. Therefore, your business also demands online existence and the best way to do that is by developing an app. Well, once it is decided that the development of a mobile app is the solution to your business growth but what if you don’t even know the first thing of app development? Do you know what technologies to implement while developing an app? Do you hold the creativity to create an interactive, narrative and user-friendly mobile app? Well, if no then the problem you may face is hiring someone to develop your app. Well, if you are willing to hire a mobile app design and development company, then look nowhere else. Mobiqe is the place you will get the end-to-end app development services, that too under one single roof.

Our team of app developers is well equipped and well versed with the latest technological development tools. Our designers use app UI design tools like Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, InVision, Avocode, 3ds Max, Mockups, Illustrator, Zeplin, and Figma. Our designers are extremely creative and utilize these app design tools to make their ideas interactive and user convenient. Our developers indulge in the development of apps on multiple platforms as we offer native app development, hybrid app development, and cross-platform app development as well. The app development tools we use are Xcode, Android Studio, AppCode, Appcelerator, Xamarin, Adobe PhoneGap, Ionic, etc. Therefore, we are capable of developing mobile apps for all mobile platforms, may it be android or iOS or Windows or Blackberry, and we develop apps for all.

What services do we offer?

As we have mentioned earlier, we are involved in app development services but we still offer a wide range of services under app development itself. The list of our versatile range of services is detailed as follows:


  • Android App Development:
  • Android is a huge market these days. Despite the craze of iPhone, android stands as the choice of over 1.4 billion users. Android is in a wide range of the market as it covers 80% of the mobile market over the globe. Our teams of android developers opt for the most advanced Android app development technologies such as Android SDK, JAVA, XML, SQLite, MySQL, MSSQL, and many more. We create responsive and adaptive apps for various mobile platforms. The technologies we implement to customize the apps according to the customer’s needs are SOAP, JSON, REST, WCF and third-party integrations. We implement the features in the apps developed by us, such as secure in-app purchases, digital vaults for data security, external hardware support and sensors, Augmented Reality (AR), BOTS integration, Internet of things (IoT) and cognitive services.

  • iPhone App Development:
  • Considering the global scenario of Apple’s success, iOS app development is certainly a lucrative business. If we get into the numbers then the number of iOS apps downloaded in 2015 was over 100 million which made the revenue of over US $3.3 billion on the Apple Store. This proves how worthy, iPhone app development is. Therefore, we offer scalable and secured iPhone app development services. Our team of iOS developers does consistent research on the market trends and customer’s business industry. Then only we develop the iOS code that makes the latest iOS features complement the iOS app we are developing for our client. The specialties of our iPhone app development are that we create device responsive apps with the industry-standard code and higher utility standards of the iPhone application.

  • PhoneGap Development:
  • Development of multiple native apps on all the mobile platforms definitely digs a hole in the pocket. In such cases development of a cross-platform app definitely proves to be effective as it is one-time development and it also saves time. Therefore, for the development of cross-platform apps, PhoneGap has been used for decades. We offer cost convenient and organized PhoneGap development services . PhoneGap is an open-source framework for the development of multi-platform apps. We develop game apps, service apps, e-commerce apps, etc for the cross-platform accessibility. Our team of developers is well-aware of the latest technologies coming in the market yet we go for traditional, robust development of cross-platform apps. We go for compact and clean development coding with CSS3, JS, HTML5, C# to build hybrid apps.

  • Facebook App Development:
  • Social media is the ultimate source for customer engagements in today’s web world. Amongst all the social media platforms, Facebook is the one that has made a mark in the digital business. Therefore, if you are one of the Facebook marketers, then you should consider developing a Facebook app for your business management. Many companies have reached the heights of major success by using Facebook promotional apps. Therefore, we offer Facebook App Development services at our company. Our Facebook apps are customized for the type of client’s business and the requirements. WE offer sub-services under Facebook app development as follows:

    • Polls, Survey and contest Facebook apps.
    • Gaming Facebook Apps
    • Facebook business/e-commerce apps.
    • Facebook page design and customization.

  • HTML5 App Development:
  • HTML5 is the 5th and the latest version that has been used as a framework for the development of cross-platform apps. Therefore, for the development of sustainable cross-platform mobile apps, we offer HTML5 App Development services. We develop creatively enhanced and aesthetically appealing mobile applications for multiple industry purposes. We have a record of working on the HTML5 mobile app development for the education, business, and entertainment and service industries. Our HTML5 App developers follow cognitive work ethics and that is why our customer commutations are always valued. We work according to the customer’s requirements and the service offered by us is time-effective. The sub-services we offer in the HTML5 app development are as follows:

    • App styling layouts by using CSS3 and JQuery
    • Enhanced 2D and 3D effect implementation to the app.
    • App support videos and audio without any third-party plug-ins
    • Cross-Platform app development with limited cost and time.

  • Game App Development:
  • With the huge market revenue of over US $100 billion, Game app development has taken over the digital market. Therefore, our company is involved with the game app development with the creative and technically well-versed team. We develop multiple genres of mobile app games, Mobile games, browser games, and cross-platform games are a few of our expertise. We utilize the game design and development tools like Maya, 3D Studio Max, Blender, and Lightwave. Our team of game developers has so far worked on projects like arcade game development, puzzle games, 3D adventure games, educational games, etc.

Why should you hire us?

We hold a number of professional skills and business specialties that truly make us stand out in the crowd of web development or app development companies. Let us detail what we offer other than just app development services.


  • Customer-Centered Approach: Our Company, Mobiqe has set a customer-focused approach since the time we have been established. Our team works on the customer demands, by performing a proper analysis of the customer needs.
  • No Deposit Policy:We have a no-deposit policy as we create the first draft of the design totally free of cost. Once the customer approves the first draft of the design then only we go for the final robust development of the app.
  • Cost-Effective Services: We offer the payment packages in which the customers can make payment in the installments at different stages of the project. This makes our services quite cost-convenient for our customers.
  • Multi-Industrial Experience: Our team of developers has been working with quite a versatility; therefore, we have gained the experience of multiple industries including education, entertainment, services, and business industries.




Why Us

  • No deposits
  • Cost competitive service
  • From designing to marketing – everything under one roof
  • Skilled and multifaceted technical team
  • Timely Turnaround
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