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Android is undoubtedly the most popular and sought-after platform in the world for mobile application development. Of all the mobile devices existing in the world, 85% of them are running on Android OS. The fact that there are over 2.5 Billion active Android devices across the globe, every business owner is looking to evolve their business by developing an Android application for their products and services.

In today’s digital world, businesses give more importance to their online marketing as compared to offline marketing. Reason? The online market is booming and the offline market is struggling to keep its existence alive. Today, when there is a mobile app for even the smallest thing then how come large businesses not have a mobile application?

Mobiqe is a leading Android applications and apps development company based in Houston, the USA providing successful mobile applications to SMEs and enterprises. We offer a wide array of android apps. Our Android application development framework consists of several programming languages such as Java, SDK, C, C++, 2D & 3D graphical application programming interface (API), GPS enabled services, gaming engine support.

Benefits of Android Application Development

Android makes up for a huge chunk of the percentage of the mobile app market in the developing countries, which is enough to generate high visibility for your brand. To create and enhance brand awareness one can use professional Android app development services and leverage the power of this platform. So get in touch with us to build unique, innovative, and user-engaging Android apps. Consider the following benefits of developing an Android application for your business.

Conversion of native iOS and blackberry apps to native android apps Limitless Creativity: The beauty of Android OS is that developers can unleash their creativity to the full extent and come up with engaging and innovative apps. The customizable User Interface from Google allows more opportunities for businesses and developers to get the best out of the UI and make their apps ever more engaging.
Android M-commerce Applications Enterprise Mobility: A single Android application can manage all the integral processes of an organization. It can be personalized to meet the standards of the enterprise.
Creation of android-optimized websites Market Distribution: Android applications are distributed through several third-party marketplaces, apart from Google Play; which is the official app marketplace. This allows businesses to reach out to a larger section of the audience and increase their market penetration.
Android Social Media Applications Compatibility: The Android apps are compatible to run on numerous devices, without altering their performance in any way.
Android Widget Development Customized User Interface: Android offers more options for customization based on the needs of your business, and also the changing trends in the market. Developers can easily make changes in the existing apps and make them more contemporary in their features and functionality.

What Make Us Different From Others?

Being a mobile app design and development company, we've always embarked on creating products that are relevant, latest, and highly competent. In this exciting journey, we have created a team of highly skilled and professional developers who are well versed with the latest technological development tools. If you’re looking for a no-compromise, globally-recognized top Android application development company, let’s innovate together! Let us give you an idea of our distinct features that will help in your decision-making process.

Android App Porting: We offer a comprehensive app porting service for you with the latest industry standards and features. Along with developing new Android apps, we convert existing iOS and Blackberry apps to Android to build your online presence on various devices through which you can garner more clients and elevate your business growth.
Android M-commerce Applications: We develop m-commerce (Mobile Commerce) applications that are used for online shopping, marketing, and business. Some examples of m-commerce applications include in-app purchasing, mobile banking, and virtual marketplace apps.
Creation of Android-optimized Websites: If you aim to target wider audiences then mobile optimization of your websites is a must. The majority of people access the Internet through mobile devices and the amount of Android users in the Smartphone market is huge. Thus, to keep your business updated with the latest trends we create Android-optimized websites to keep your users interested in your business.
Android Web-based Applications: We are adept in developing easy to use, install, maintain and highly secured Android web-based applications. By choosing our services you can get a flexible application that will help in your business expanding process.
Android Apps Testing and Debugging: We always thrive to offer a seamless experience to our customers and for that, we perform vigorous testing to check for any bugs that can halt the app operation. We have a team of quality testers and debuggers who work relentlessly to make your Android app run without a glitch so that you can get your hands on a highly-functional application.
Android Support Maintenance: App support and maintenance is part of our customer promise. We offer complete support and maintenance services to ensure that your app is significant over a long time. To hold a grip on the user base for a long time, ongoing app support and maintenance is a key activity.

What Process Do We Follow?

Our app development process is a step-by-step procedure to maintain a steady pace and provide you with on-time on-budget services.

Project estimate: Before starting any app development project, we work on various aspects such as cost estimation, task completion times, and tools & resources required for app development.
Assessment of user needs: Our skilled Android developers are proficient at fulfilling the diverse set of business requirements. Over a while, they have attained excellence in developing numerous custom Android apps for a mix of industry verticals in the least possible time. They know the art of developing applications that are unique and creative.
Prototyping & Feedback: Mobile application prototyping is a process that includes user research to validate the strategic design direction of a product. It allows developers to get a preliminary visualization of the app before it is launched. Prototypes build an understanding of the product’s look and feel, which helps test customers use and react to the overall UX design. We take feedback from a diverse set of people to make an all-round analysis of the app.
Bug fixing: Once created, maintaining your Android applications is equally important to hold onto your customers. You may have to add additional security features, add new content or functionality on your app or solve the bugs and errors. Our testing team relentlessly works to keep bugs and errors out of your app.
Mobile Marketing: Creating an app for Android OS is a challenging task but distributing it to the target audience effectively is equally challenging. We simplify this challenge for you by offering effective mobile marketing channels to promote your app amongst desired audiences. We use incentivized CPI to assist you in growing your Android app installs through the acquisition of incentivized user downloads.

Perks of Our Android App Development Services

We build apps that are capable of doing your business, becoming an adept accelerator for all operations and helping in getting connected to the greatest population of users on the most popular Android OS worldwide. By choosing our services you can avail the following perks:

Quality Android Apps
Latest Technologies
On-Time, On-Budget

Why Choose Us?

We are Android application development professionals who strictly adhere to the development guidelines to ensure error-free and android development policy-compliant mobile apps. We employ the latest technology methods and have hands-on experience in machine learning and building apps for wearables and Android things.

We at Mobiqe, provide a host of other services and features for all your mobile application development requirements. Our team is well equipped to turn your business idea into an Android app. We create only flexible, interactive, and user-friendly Android applications that can be easily managed.

Let’s work together and shape-up your user-centric business app.

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