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Amongst all the mobile platforms available so far, iOS is the second most popular mobile platform all over the globe. It is acknowledged that the iPhone is the most popular mobile platform in the United States. If we consider the only USA then the US market possesses 266 million Smartphone users and 45% of them are iPhone users. Even if the android market has grabbed a better grip on the consumers but the iPhone still holds a significant position in the market. Considering, iOS development is such a lucrative business, it still holds a trend in the global market. Well, if you are aiming to develop a mobile app in the regions like USA, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, the lucrative platform is iOS only. Considering, the huge popularity of the iPhone in these regions, there is enough scope in the iPhone app development.

Our team of iPhone app developers at Mobiqe is proven to be the expert in their field. We are a group of software nerds that take privilege in converting ideas into the iPhone apps. We are reputed to be one of the most efficient iPhone app developers in the United States. Our services are appreciated by our clients because we follow a customer-centric approach in our work ethics. Our cognitive communicational manners make us understand well what the client demands. Under the umbrella of iPhone app development, we distribute our services into categories for the customer’s convenience. The range of our services is detailed as follows:

Our iPhone Development Services–

  1. iPhone App UX/ UI Design

  2. One of the many iPhone app development services at Mobiqe is iPhone app design or iPhone app UX/UI design. The development of an app does not suffice in the market but the app layout and its appearance make the most of the business for it. Therefore, we offer iPhone UX/UI design services to make the iPhone apps more attractive and interactive in all. The user must feel that the app is user-friendly and yet its simplicity should not hamper the use of the latest technologies. Therefore, our team of iPhone app designers offers simple yet interactive app design for iPhone users.

  3. Custom iPhone App Development

  4. No matter how evolved the technology is these days, the customization of an iPhone app is still a task. Our team of iPhone app developers can create an app according to the customer’s requirements. Where customization of an iOS app can be pretty much expensive, our team tries to perform the customization with the latest but minimum development tools. No matter what sort of customization is demanded by the clients, we offer all of that. If you need a game developed with a 3D interface, we do that, if you need icons to be added, features to be added or deleted, we do that for the customization.

  5. Native and Hybrid iPhone App Development

  6. We offer native and hybrid iPhone app development both. Our iOS app developers are so versatile that they can develop any kind of app as you demand. For the native iPhone app development, we utilize the most agile Java Development techniques that make the app enough adaptive. For the hybrid app development, our developers work on HTML5, PhoneGap, and CSS3 to build customized apps.

  7. iPhone App Testing & Code Audit

  8. We offer iPhone app testing under the performance testing criteria. We offer the testing and code audit services as per the customer’s requirements and the performance speed requirements. We test for every single function in the app; we check for the proper functioning of every feature in the app. Testing enhances the quality of service we offer to the customers. A code audit is performed to rectify the bugs in the app.

  9. iPhone App Support & Maintenance

  10. At Mobiqe, we don’t just develop apps but we also take care of its performance after the app delivery to the clients. We offer customer support for the app performance as if in case anything goes wrong with the app our support team assists the customer to figure out what is wrong and we nullify the errors. Even after proper launch, the app needs maintenance. Sometimes you may need to make changes in the interface; sometimes the upgraded versions of the games are made, and sometimes the performance of the app is to be enhanced, therefore, in such cases, the maintenance part comes into play. Our team of developers, testers, and maintenance do believe is strong post-launch assistance.

  11. iPhone Optimization

  12. Launching an iPhone app, getting it live on the web, basically does not suffice. When it is upon App store the app needs proper optimization. It needs to be ranked high on the app store to be recommended to the users. Therefore, our team of iPhone optimizations takes proper care of app ranking on the app store, and optimization of the iPhone app performance on the app store.

  13. iPhone App Migration and Porting

  14. Sometimes this happens that you have an app developed on the Android Platform or iOS platform but the user wants it on both the platforms. In such cases, developing the whole app on another platform is simply a waste of time and effort. Therefore, our team of developers offers iPhone app migration and porting services. This means if you want an android or a blackberry based app on the iOS platform then you need not go for the whole development again. You can just get it migrated or ported from one platform to another. This helps in saving the efforts you need for the whole iPhone app development. The same process can be performed for the reversed migration or reverse porting; this means an iOS app can be migrated to the android or other mobile platforms.

Our Specialties

  • Customer-centric Approach:

  • We offer a customer-centric approach to our work ethics. We listen to the customer’s requirements quite well and then we customize the app according to the needs.
  • No Deposit:

  • We offer primary app layout for free of cost. We take no payment until you like the first draft of the app.
  • Cost-convenient services:

  • We offer cost-effective cost packages to make the payments more convenient to our customers.

How we do it

Project estimate
Assessment of user needs
Requirements engineering
Bug fixing
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